Privacy Policy

Let´s Sevilla S.L. (operating as ‘LET´S SEVILLA’) has adopted these privacy principles for the website located at ( This Privacy Policy only applies to the website on which it appears and to no other website or service. This Privacy Policy also provides information about the activities we carry out on websites, in the name of LET´S SEVILLA customers.

LET´S SEVILLA is firmly committed to protecting the privacy of internet users and building the trust of internet users, promoting online advertising and direct marketing. We continually assess innovative ways to protect the privacy of internet users, while seeking to offer relevant advertising and tailor-made online experiences on behalf of our customers. LET´S SEVILLA offers Services for its customers, such as tourist experiences.
The purpose of this privacy policy is to provide a clear notice of the user information that we can collect online, in relation to our Services and on our own website.
The following sections describe how we collect user information related to the operation of our Services for our customers; for example, through advertisements that could appear on various websites on the internet. Therefore, a certain amount of information could be collected by LET’S SEVILLA on numerous websites, through the cookies used in the Services, such as that described below.
To obtain information about how we collect and use the information collected directly on this website (unlike that collected through the Services), please consult the section titled ‘Your correspondence on this website’.

We do not collect personally identifiable information (PII) about internet users through the advertisements we manage on behalf of our customers, unless the users choose to deliberately disclose this information by sending it in a text field, for example. PII generally refers to identification information such as a person’s name, postal address, telephone number or email address.

We collect non-personally identifiable information (non-PII) to identify the computers with which we have previously interacted. For example, when using non-PII, we could possibly be able to identify a computer that has previously seen an advertisement we have launched. Within the context of non-PII, whenever we refer to ‘you’ or ‘your’, remember that we are referring to a computer and not an identifiable person, as we do not generally know who is using a computer at any time.

By collecting and using non-PII, we offer a range of Services to enable advertisers to show the most useful and relevant advertisements on numerous websites, and to avoid using them excessively or repeatedly. For example, if we think that a user is interested in clothes options, our Services can help our customers offer online interest-based ads in a particular type of clothing.

We can collect non-PII related to your browsing activity, use or interactions with advertisements we manage on behalf of our customers. We do this in order to both improve the personalisation of the type of advertisement you see on various websites and for research and analysis purposes. Non-PII can include information such as the type of internet browser used by an online user, type of operating system used, the Internet Protocol address (IP address) of the computer, the name of the domain of the websites visited before and after viewing an advertisement, as well as information related to websites and web pages that a user is looking at when an advertisement is displayed.

We collect non-PII through the use of cookies, pixels and related technologies. A cookie is a file placed on your browser that gives a unique identification to your browser and computer. A pixel is a line of code that uses a website or a third party to assign online activities to a computer or browser. For example, using a pixel enables websites and us to record that a user has visited a specific website. The pixel can include additional non-personal information about a previous period or interaction. Although non-PII does not personally identify anyone, we continue to be committed to give users the opportunity to choose which non-PII we can collect. Consult the section titled: User’s choice – Option to block cookies

Please bear in mind that in some countries an IP address is considered PII according to applicable legislation. If we do business in these countries and we know that you are in one of these countries, we will treat your IP address as PII.
In these countries we interpose a ‘black box’, which is operated by an independent third party and separates the user’s IP address from other data we collect. If your browser does not accept cookies or an opt-out cookie is placed on your browser, your online activity will not be tracked. 2.0 is one of our services that places a cookie on your computer for marketing purposes, based on the interests described above. This service is mainly used in Europe. The service has been certified with the Data Protection Seal issued by the Independent Data Protection Authority of the Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein in Germany in March 2010. You may choose to reject the 2.0 cookie by following the instructions provided in the section titled: User’s choice – Option to block cookies.

We do not collect PII through our customers’ advertisements; therefore, we do not sell, rent or share the PII collected on our website or that belonging to non-affiliated third parties. If you deliberately provide PII through an advertisement of one of our customers that was identified when the data was collected, then this PII will be given to the customer and the PII will be subject to the privacy policy of that customer.

We may disclose information that is not PII that has been collected through our Services, as well as the information derived from it, to our customers and suppliers. Our customers may use this non-PII to send personalised advertisements to users on participating websites and for other purposes, as described previously. This information does not include any PII that may be used to contact or identify any person individually. Furthermore, where appropriate, we encourage our customers to use any non-PII they receive in accordance with applicable legislation and regulations and to publish privacy policies that inform you how the information they are collecting is being used. We urge you to always read the privacy policies of the websites you visit to understand the problems related to online privacy.

We may disclose a user’s non-PII to third parties when we reasonably believe that we are obliged to do so by law, and to investigate, prevent or take measures in respect to suspected or real prohibited activities, including, among others, fraud and situations that involve potential threats to any person’s physical safety. Furthermore, if permitted by applicable legislation, we may also disclose and provide access to a user’s PII and non-PII to our suppliers and contractors that provide services in our name. However, these suppliers and contractors are not authorised to use this user’s information for no purpose other than providing us with services.

We use technology, which includes cookies, in the provision of our Services. We believe that the use of these tools enables us and our advertiser customers to offer users a more significant web experience.
At all times you may adjust the settings of your computer’s web browser to reject all cookies. However, upon doing so, you might not be able to use certain functions on the websites you visit or take maximum advantage of the offers and interest-based advertising on the website. You may delete cookies by following the instructions provided in the ‘help’ file of your internet browser.
You may also opt out and not allow us (LET´S SEVILLA) to collect non-PII related to the advertisements we manage on behalf of our customers. Of course, this would mean that you would no longer receive personalised advertisements delivered via LET´S SEVILLA’s patented technology.

Cookie exclusion

Despite opting out of our personalised advertisements by following the procedure explained above, it is possible that you still receive personalised advertisements as a result of the collected non-PII (using cookies) by other parties that are not affiliated or controlled by us.
Our opt-out cookies are programmed to expire 10 years after they have been initially placed. However, if you buy a new computer, you update or change the web browsers, or perform any action that deletes this ‘opt-out cookie’, you must repeat the exclusion procedure again. To make the opt-out option work, your browser must be configured to accept third-party cookies.

We may use the information we obtain from anonymous cookies for advertising purposes for up to 13 months. The aggregated reports created from this information may be stored for longer.

We follow the generally accepted industry standards to protect against unauthorised access, retention and disclosure of information. This includes carrying out the necessary physical, electronic and management activities to protect the integrity, access and use of information. All information stored on our server is treated as confidential information. However, please bear in mind that despite our reasonable efforts to protect the information on our servers, no online transmission method is guaranteed to be secure. Consequently, even though we make our best efforts to protect your information at all times, we cannot guarantee its absolute security.

Please bear in mind that due to the changing nature of privacy laws, users’ needs and our business, we may modify this Privacy Policy occasionally by publishing a previous notice on our website before the implementation of the modifications. Consequently, given that our desire is to help you clearly understand our Privacy Policy and any pertinent revision, we encourage you to review our Privacy Policy periodically to be aware of any change that could have been made.
All information you provide via our link ‘Contact us’ on this website is recorded, to enable you to receive our marketing emails and/or newsletters, send information in relation to a job offer, enter information expressly in a text field or send us information. A record will be kept of the information you provide, including your email address and any other PII you give with the sole purpose of responding to your enquiry or to provide you with requested marketing materials or newsletters. With the exception of the provisions set forth in this Privacy Policy, this information will never be shared with third parties without your consent. LET´S SEVILLA may transfer your PII to our subsidiary and affiliated companies so they may contact you in relation to the purpose of your enquiry. When we transfer your PII to our subsidiary or affiliate companies in another country, we will make sure that they apply the same level of protection to your information as us. We may also disclose your information to third parties in the event of suspected fraud, a legal requirement or in relation to our suppliers and contractors, as described above.

LET´S SEVILLA may use cookies to personalise your experience on our website (this website) to help it offer you a better service. You may choose not to receive cookies used on our websites by following the instructions provided above.
If you want us to delete your information from our marketing emails and/or newsletters, please contact us by email addressed to Make sure you include your name, username and clear instructions about any changes in your PII, including the email address, or if you would like us to delete it from our database.


The matter of children’s privacy is important issue for us. Therefore, our website and our Services are neither developed nor addressed to children. If you believe that your child has provided PII and you wish to delete the information, please contact us by email to

A link from our website to another website does not imply that we support it. We do not control the websites with which we are linked and we do not assume any liability for their content or privacy policies. Consequently, you must carefully review the privacy policies that are applied to any website you access from our website.

In the event another company acquired all or substantially all our business assets as a result of an amalgamation, merger, purchase of assets or any other transaction, we reserve the right to transfer all the information (including any PII that a user could have provided via the ‘Contact us’ section) that is in our possession or under our control to the acquiring party.

Our website and databases are kept in Spain. When you use our website or our Services, you are freely and specifically consenting to the collection and storage of your information in Spain and to use your information as specified in this Privacy Policy.


If you have any questions or you are concerned about this statement, please contact us by email or regular post. You may send your questions and general comments by email to or my regular post to: LET´S SEVILLA, C/ San Vicente 43, 2, 209. 41002 Sevilla. Attn: Privacy officer.