Tailor-made trips

For individual explorers, leisure trips and corporate events

How do we turn your trip into a bespoke polka dot costume? Where do we start? How do we make it and what is the result? Read about our work philosophy.

1 We are inspired by you

First of all, the most important part is you. We want to meet you, listen to you carefully, know what you want to see, where you want to go and what you want to feel. Your taste and personality are fundamental aspects because you are actually our guide. We believe in friendly and personal communication to help us take your measurements, so we can then start designing your experience, which will be unique, non-transferable and unforgettable.

2 We design the pattern

Once we have a clear idea of your desires and expectations, we create your travel plan, the pattern of your bespoke costume. We put a lot of effort into the design, drawing each line with great care, whether you are travelling alone, with your partner, family or friends, or you are a company organising a corporate trip or event. We present you with the proposed itinerary that you will validate. This is what it is all about: it is done with you, by you and for you.

3 We sew as a team

To sew your experience together, we are surrounded by a team created just for you. Hosts, experts in gastronomy, fashion, culture or sports, marketing and communication professionals, artists, historians, etc., there is a wide range of possibilities. However, the common denominator is the passion for Seville and Andalusia, and in-depth knowledge of the art of making people feel welcome. Working as a team, we create your bespoke outfit.

4 You show it off and you feel the emotion

Once the outfit is finished, it’s time to enjoy wearing it. It’s time to live the experience. Your experience! Let yourself be carried away and feel the full effects of the beauty, the spirit and the unique essence of this magical destination. Of course we’ll be right beside you the whole time. Although it is your trip, your unique, exclusive and unrepeatable experience, we’ll accompany you and give your advice whenever necessary. The best part of our work is to see you enjoying yourself.